Hand-Crafted Urban Rustic Furniture

Made In Bozeman, MT

Welcome to Four Corner Furniture, your home for Handcrafted, Urban Rustic Furniture in Bozeman, Montana. At Four Corner Furniture you will find Breathtaking Hand-crafted furniture, including Sofas, Mattresses, Chairs, Tables, Desks, Bedroom furniture and much more. Our pieces are built from a variety of materials including metal and wood, leather and glass and more. Four Corner Furniture offers local, unique, high quality western furniture at an affordable price.

From Concept to Creation

A simple idea turned into fruition. At Four Corner Furniture, let imagination run free. Whether it’s a drawing on a napkin to just an idea in your head, our experience in craftsmanship allows us to turn any concept to creation. We work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that your furniture is beautifully designed and constructed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At Four Corner Furniture, if you can dream your furniture, we can create it, from concept to creation, at an affordable price.


Masters of their work, Four Corner Furniture In-House artisans design our custom pieces with western elegance. Our location in the rolling foothills of Bozeman, beneath the Big Sky Mountain range in Montana, gives our artisans a unique perspective of how custom furniture should be designed and built. We love to use a variety of materials in our work from reclaimed wood from barns, steel and iron from grain elevators and textile mills and a variety of other materials. Utilizing styles such as Contemporary, Industrial, and Modern, we hand craft a well-rounded collection of modern rustic furniture.


Hand-crafted, Urban Rustic furniture, designed and built in-house at Four Corner Furniture from start to finish. We use a variety of elements in our furniture including reclaimed Wood, Steel, Tin, Iron, Bark, Fabric, Leather and glass. Our 12,000 sq. feet facility is home to an in-house spray booth, welding booth and a natural kiln to ensure all lumber is completely dried before use. This facility is governed by experienced builders, finishers, welders and upholsterers, combining as team with immense experience in design, allowing Four Corner Furniture to take any concept to creation at an affordable price.

Customer Service

            We place an importance on our customer service, and strive to turn every customer into a satisfied customer. To achieve this, we ensure that your furniture is not only beautiful and built to top-of-the-line quality standards, but affordable as well. Your custom projects are in good hands, and will be handled with the utmost care from the time ordered to the time it is delivered. If you ever have any questions regarding your custom furniture, our process, or any other related issues, our staff is always ready to assist with a smile. Welcome to Four Corner Furniture of Bozeman, Montana, your home for Urban Rustic furniture at an affordable price.